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Pedal Ahead’s Founder is Phil Beardmore. He has been teaching adults and children to cycle since  Phil Beardmore portrait2014, having previously worked for Cycle South Brum. He specialises in learn to ride and in teaching adults and children with additional needs including autism, hypermobility and dyspraxia.

Outside of Pedal Ahead, Phil is an Environmental and Sustainability Consultant and the Founder of Energy Confidence with Phil Beardmore, advising businesses and householders on energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste, and water saving. He lives in Birmingham with his two grown-up daughters and enjoys going to prehistoric sites with his partner, Claire.

Phil teaches mostly adults nowadays, helping out when Lucia is fully booked.



Lucia Quenya (she/her) has been a cycling instructor since 2016 and City and Guilds level 2 mechanic in 2020.

Lucia has extensive experience working with families, groups, Lucia in schools and on a one to one basis – previously in London and now in the Midlands – and has taught hundreds of people how to ride a bike and given many more the confidence they might need to feel more confident on the road, adult and child alike.
Over the summer of ’16 Lucia saw people heading home from work on their bicycles and noticed this, deciding that it might also be possible for them to achieve. After acquiring a bike and really really liking the experience of going from A to B on two wheels, she was suddenly trained as an instructor, six months later; and later it became her main point of income; and at somewhere along the way she was in meetings with Southwark Council and TfL regarding their cycling projects(!); and then cycled across Wales and built a few bikes. Lucia has worked, over the years, to develop a teaching practice that is intuitive and flexible as possible.
Lucia will be doing most of our children’s and adults’ cycling tuition in 2023.

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